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Premier Physical Therapy.

Premier Physical Therapy is now opened in Mill Creek.

Our highly skilled professional staff offers expertise in rehabilitation services for all outpatient orthopedic needs. Our staff has worked closely with the leading orthopedic surgeons in our area and will provide effective treatment for all post- surgical and non- surgical orthopedic cases.

Featured Services

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Manual Therapy

At Premier Physical Therapy our therapists have a strong hold on manual therapy. In conjunction with a home and gym exercise program, manual therapy is an integral part of your rehabilitation. Manual therapy consists of, but is not limited to, joint mobilization, neural mobilization, soft tissue mobilization and manual resistive exercises. Our therapists are knowledgeable in a variety of techniques and will be used appropriately to fit your specific needs.

Exercise Therapy

Physical therapy involves the performance of targeted exercises to heal painful or injured areas of the body. Treatment typically involved a combination of specific exercises, targeted stretching and weight resistance. Our therapists will design an individualized course of treatment for each patient based on a physical evaluation as well as input from your referring physician and your own personal goals for treatment. It is important to note that performing your home exercises independently will increase the recovery rate and success of your rehabilitation.

Obstetric Physical Therapy

Caron, our obstetric physical therapy specialist, is able to screen for common pre and post partum issues that can lead to pain and other physical dysfunction. These issues may include low back pain, sacro-iliac joint pain, pelvic floor dysfunction among others. She will develop a personalized plan of treatment to solve these issues and facilitate a safe and effective return to fitness.

Our Team

at Mill Creek Premier Physical Therapy
Breeanna Pumper grew up in the Pacific Northwest and has been treating patients in the greater
Seattle area since 2005.
Lisa Frahm has been practicing Physical Therapy since 1977. She has worked in a variety of settings
including in-patient, skilled nursing, assisted living centers, home health, and out-patient clinics.
Caron has worked in a variety of orthopedic physical therapy clinics for 10 years. She enjoys playing a
supportive role in women’s pregnancy, and as they transition into motherhood.
Janine grew up in the Midwest and began her physical therapy career in Virginia. She and her
husband were drawn to the beauty of the Pacific Northwest in 2007 and she has been practicing
orthopedic PT in Mill Creek ever since.
Jessica has focused her career in outpatient orthopedic physical therapy, treating a variety of patients. Through her passion for health and fitness she enjoys educating her patients as a part of their recovery journey

Front Office

Rachelle Nerger
Office Administrator
Rachelle has worked in the physical therapy field for 12 plus years. She was born and raised in Everett. Rachelle enjoys water sports, hiking, camping, skiing, and golf with her husband Chuck and spending time with their 5 kids.